Emanations of Tara

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Emanations of Tara (commissioned by the Harvard University Fromm Music Foundation) is a piece of mine specifically dedicated to Civitas Ensemble. (http://www.civitasensemble.org/).   The piece was premiered by the ensemble on March 15, 2015 at the Nichols Hall of Music Institute of Chicago, and the second performance took place at Galvin Hall of the Northwestern University School of Music on February 26, 2018.

On March 4, 2018, Chicago Symphony Orchestra presents its third performance at the Art Institute of Chicago Fullerton Hall. Musicians include Yuan-Qing Yu (Chicago Symphony Orchestra Assistant Concertmaster), Kenneth Olsen (Chicago Symphony Orchestra Assistant Cello), Lawrie Bloom (Chicago Symphony Orchestra clarient/bass clarinet) , pianist Winston Choi and pipa player Yihan Chen.  



香港创乐团(Hong Kong New Music Ensemble)和 Juan Manuel Garcia-Cano Ruiz 2017.10.28首演《奥菲欧的恳请》(为双簧管和10人室内乐团而作)

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10.28 HKNME leaflet


Recording of Through Mountains, By Waters

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The recording of my work “Through Mountains, By Waters” (2016), for clarinet and piano, has been released on Blue Griffin Recording. Welcome to purchase it online:



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琵琶/黃暐貿,崑生/溫宇航, 崑旦/劉珈后:台北成品表演厅演绎《琵琶弹戏:西厢记之长亭》

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Glos for viola solo: performed by Veit Hertenstein in Germany

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