Online Music Samples /在线聆听


Garden:Unearthing the Way Home (2021)

One More Cup of Wine Before You Go 劝君更尽一杯酒 (2019)

Pipa Plays Opera: Three Scenes from Romance of the Western Chamber 琵琶弹戏:西厢三折(2015)

Sotto Voce (2006/08)

Synchronicity 共此时 (2018)

Jose (2018) original film music

The Supplicant 奥菲欧的恳请(2017)

Pipa Playing the Opera: Heart of Qin 琵琶弹戏之琴心(2014)

Through Mountains, By Waters 此山彼水 (2016)

Cloud Herding 牧云图 (2016)

Głos 声情 (2016), for viola solo

Vesper晚祷 (2015), for viola and piano

Cinq Stades de L’existence 人生五常(2015), for harp solo

Pipa Plays Opera: Three Scenes from Romance of the Western Chambe 《琵琶弹戏: 西厢三折》为琵琶,昆生,昆旦而作 (2014-15), for pipa, Kun tenor, and Kun soprano

Emanations of Tara/ 度母化生(2014),for violin, cello, clarinet/bass clarinet, piano and pipa

Tsanglang,tsanglang…沧浪,沧浪… (2015), for flute,viola and zheng

Cave in the Sky 霘(2013),for voices, pipa, zheng, bamboo flutes and Water-ink landscape

Yearning/婵娟(2010-11),  for zheng and double bass

O…What an Awakening噢…甦醒(2012),  for sextet

Two Poems诗两首(2005), for orchestra

Jun骏(2006), for double bass and pipa

Transience无常(2003), for nine players

Sotto Voce低语(2006/08), for flute and piano

 Tangents II离合II(2010), for chamber ensemble

Sfumato渲染(2007), for woodwind quintet

Afterglow余烬(2005), for string quartet

Five Chinese Folk Tunes五色(1998), for solo piano

Si Fan(1998), for pipa and erhu

Four Duets四首二重奏(2008), for violin& double bass, violin&viola, flute&cello, clarinet&horn

Floatin飘(1998), for soprano and piano

Her Waltz她的华尔兹(2008), for soprano and piano

Pour倾注(2000), for bayan solo

Des Hombres Heureus欢乐的影子(2005), for solo flute

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